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WWNotes is a website program that allows direct entry and update right on the web page. It is the most simple and user friendly method of creating and maintainig websites. With wwnotes you can update your website at any time, from any computer with any type of Internet connection.
Do you have a website?
Almost everyone who has ever used the Internet likes to have a website in order to introduce his products, his services or just his point of view. The main problem is the complexity or high cost of doing it.
Now there is a solution
Fortunately with wwnotes technology having a website and maintaining it is as easy as typing a letter in your favorite word processor. You come to your website, log in as the website owner and start to type anything you like. The visitors of your website will see the new content immediately after you click on save. You don't need to know about web design and FTP and HTTP and other web jargon.
This website is using the wwnote system.
To order wwnote website call (973) 773-7355 today. Don't waste time.
What is wwnotes?
WWNotes is an alternative solution to the complex methods of creating websites.
 With this revolutionary method you no longer need the expensive and hard to learn web development softwares.  If you know how to type a letter in your computer, you already know how to use wwnotes. It is user friendly does not require any knowledge of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to publish your website. You simply type and then click on save to make it available across the Intenet.
Internet is moving fast and every minute counts.

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